Teaching and Service

Come spring 2018, I will teach two general education undergraduate seminars at USC: “Early Modern Philosophy and Science” and “Science and Values”. I have held teaching duties for various courses. I have also mentored and advised senior undergraduate students at University of Notre Dame.

During my graduate career at University of Notre Dame, I worked towards establishing a lasting connection between the HPS community and the K-12 science teachers in the nearby counties. As a trainer for the Inquiry Workshops, I realized that there is a strong case to be made for connecting the two communities based on a common understanding science as a process of inquiry.

My first-hand experience in training science teachers was continuous with the role of pedagogy that I developed in graduate school. I attended several workshops offered by the Kaneb Teaching Center at University of Notre Dame and was engaged in several reading groups focused on pedagogy along with faculty and graduate students.

In 2016/7, as a Ph.D. candidate, I worked towards a graduate certificate in Community Outreach and Public Scholarship with the aim of setting the groundwork for further projects at University of Southern California.